Shifting attention or putting emphasis on other than usual elements of everyday life may surprise with the result. The point is that the routine and the patterns of action worked out for years become the material, the background for an experiment whose aim is to obtain such emotional states that evoke an inner state of excitement, alertness, waking up from lethargy, that push one into action.
A dozen or so graphics presented here are the effect of such a process. The collection is the result of work carried out on the basis of recovered, previously deleted files. A data recovery software algorithm extracted a dozen or so pictures from a completely defragmented disk. The recovery process damaged the files in the composition layer, color layer, in some cases also in the technical layer (difficulties with editing). Interestingly, some of the files are the result of automatic merging of data scraps from different periods of time - the recovery algorithm, scanning individual parts of the formatted memory, has picked up fragments of photos taken many months ago and merged them with those taken just a few hours ago. It can be said that after recovery and rewriting, each of the photos became the only preserved representation of the originals, which irreversibly changed their digital state, giving rise to a completely new, bit-based existence. The collection thus recovered provided a raw base for further graphic work, the result of which is presented here.
What is the result of this work, of the described process? Certainly, we are dealing with a multidimensional matrix of associations which provoke, for example, an involuntary analysis from the aesthetic point of view, but first of all, they raise questions about my intentions - what made me decide to take such a radical step, which was surely the definitive removal of a repository of carefully selected photographs?  Was the process of deleting and recovering the original files intentional, planned? If so, why? Did I know what effect to expect?
I will not answer these questions. I will be happy if, while viewing these works, the viewer loses mental self-control for a moment and erases from memory the well-ordered bits of everyday life. Isn't it tempting to enter the blissful state of irresponsibility? Let reality happen by itself, and let's try to create completely new emotions. Let's shift the emphasis, let's give importance to different parts of the day than usual. Let what happens be chaotic, overcolored or monochromatic, with lost symmetry or geometrically correct to the point of pain. Let us reformat the memory and generate a new reality. Perhaps we will recognize in it a new, golden ratio?​​​​​​​
Signed prints available - only 10 prints, 70cmx50cm, Hahnemuhle Photo 310g (Epson Ultra Chrome). Feel free to ask.
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